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Everture is a full service market research institute offering tailor-made solutions in European & Global markets, delivering inspiring insights for your business success now and in the future more..

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Web Site Accessibility

Increase market share, demonstrate social responsibility and reduce legal liability.…just by making your site Accessible

Accessibility is a law, no longer simply a matter of best practice. A site offering a service to the general public or your general workforce can be in contravention of laws designed to ensure that citizens with disabilities are not... More..

An increase in market share is accessible. The statistics are clear, many businesses are overlooking one of the largest growth markets, the 'Silver Euro'. 'Silver Surfers' are one of the fastest growing user groups of the... More..

The solution is surprisingly accessible. Accessibility enhancement without making substantial changes to the 'surface' of your offering. Usability Testing with people with a disability, as well as evaluations from... More..


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